Before I started Everest like many others they promised I would be able to transfer my credits to any school I wanted to go to. I have been to every college or Univeristy that I can possibly think of and they are not accepted.

They also promised me job placement as well! Well, let me just say that I graduated from Everest in 2011 with an AAS in Criminal Justice. While I was in school no one was EVER available in the offices UNLESS you owed them money that was the only time you can find them in there. The majority of the professors were in and out of that place every semester.

Not to mention one of them was fired in 2010 for sexually harrassing all of his students!! The classes are easier than high school. I felt like I was taking class all over again in elementary. Once I graduated, career services was offering me the most ridiculous jobs which most had absolutely nothing to do with Criminial Justice.

Kmart being one of them. The other job was as a crossing guard!!!!!!!!!! Which everyone knows you do not need a *** degree to get a job as a crossing guard. All the other jobs they offered were minimum wage between $7-$9 an hour!!

Now with that being said I am now stuck with a $33,000 loan!!!!!!!! Including a loan with a private lender called Genesis Lending Services. Which I recently came to find out from my financial advisor that they are charging me an 18% interest which is the interest of a credit card! They are affiliated with Everest as well as some other private lenders in which Everest gets commission off of!

There are many other lenders, however, Everest Institute will only suggest those few lenders that they work with to make money out of innocent people. I noticed I did sign a paper before I started acknowledging the 18% interest but of course I did not know any better and they will NOT try to help you! Now I am stuck with a loan that I am having a difficult time paying because of course Everest Institute is a worthless company and it is a rip off!! Not to mention many of my classmates I still keep in contact with are going through the same situation.

The majority of the students in that school were a bunch of low lives that you can clearly tell are not going anywhere in life. Constantly trying to start fights for things as small and petty as looking at them the wrong way. You would think you're back in middle or high school. There was also a shooting at the school around the time I was there between 2010-2011.

Some man was shot on the leg and I really do not even know what happened after that because of course some worthless low lives started an argument with me because I did not try to "save" the man as if I'm a *** super hero! I will never recommend that school to anyone in my entire life and I hope to God they can shut that school down and hopefully try to get most of us going through the same or similar situation our money back.

Monetary Loss: $33000.

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Redlands, California, United States #623437

Currently going through something similar at the San Bernardino Campus. I was promised to take a course to get my guard card then 2 days before the class the story changes and now I will not be allowed to take the class.

Also three teachers plus the director for the business and criminal justice programs were fired about 6 months ago for falsifying attendance records of students.

Everest College is a scam. I am trying to find a way to have them held accountable and pay back my student loans I have built up so that I can go elsewhere.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #608711

that is a scam school! Their credits are not transferable to any college.

Anyone at that school just get ripped off!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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